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A Companion to Thomas Mann's <I>Magic Mountain</I>


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Thomas Mann was the first writer since Goethe to attract a large international audience to stories written in German, bringing German fiction into the mainstream of European literature. His second major work, The Magic Mountain (1924), explores the heady intellectual culture of the chaotic and broken Germany that emerged from the First World War, and, along with the earlier Buddenbrooks, earned him a Nobel Prize for literature in 1929. Mann himself considered The Magic Mountain to be his greatest novel, and few in his own day doubted the preeminence of this modernist classic; however, many have argued that the age of literary modernism has passed. If this is so, how might we best understand Mann's masterpiece now? Topics covered in this volume, which aims to provide both a survey of and new research into important aspects of the work, include Mann's comic vision, his homosexuality, his fraught attitude toward Jews, the place of his novel in the landscape of postmodern life, the theme of solitude, music in the novel, and technology.

Stephen D. Dowden is Professor of German at Brandeis University. Contributors: David Blumberg, Michael Brenner, Stephen Dowden, Edward Engelberg, Ulker Gökberk, Eugene Goodheart,oseph P. Lawrence, Karla Schultz, Susan Sontag, Kenneth Weisinger.

Stephen D. Dowden is Professor of German at Brandeis University.


Bringing together a variety of approaches to the novel, this volume adds significantly to the literature available.... CHOICE

Magisterial ruminations by prominent American academics who provide much intellectual and imaginative verve and insight. FORUM FOR MODERN LANGUAGE STUDIES

This collection represents a stimulating companion indeed to the Magic Mountain. MONATSHEFTE


First Published: 05 Feb 1999
13 Digit ISBN: 9781571132482
Pages: 270
Size: 9 x 6
Binding: Paperback
Imprint: Camden House
BIC Class: DSB

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  • 1  Transfiguration in Silence: Hans Castorp's Uncanny Awakening
  • 2  Mann's Ethical Style
  • 3  Thomas Mann's Comic Spirit
  • 4  War as Mentor: Thomas Mann and Germanness
  • 5  From Muted Chords to Maddening Cacophony: Music in The Magic Mountain
  • 6  Ambiguous Solitude: Hans Castorp's Sturm und Drang nach Osten
  • 7  Mortal Illness on the Magic Mountain
  • 8  Beyond Naptha: Thomas Mann's Jews and German-Jewish Writing
  • 9  Technology as Desire: X-Ray Vision in The Magic Mountain
  • 10  Distant Oil Rigs and Other Erections
  • 11  Pilgrimage